Industrial label applications require advance label features. Total Print Solution is experienced in manufacturing a wide range of industrial labels, so we can help you understand and meet your requirements. Out industrial labels meet customer needs in following application areas:

  •  Strong adhesive properties
  •  Extreme hot and cold Temperature resistance
  •  Abrasion resistance
  • Colour accuracy and text clarity
  •  Resistant to harsh chemicals and solvents

With above properties we design labels that adhere to electronics, machinery, warehouse bins, barrels, floors, storage racks and corrugated surfaces. Customization is most important when it comes to industrial labels. Optimisation of label performance and cost is most important factor we specialize in. We also provide graphic overlays for industrial applications.

Lamination & Varnishing:

Lamination plays an important role in making labels moisture-resistant, abrasion resistant and practically make label tear-proof, thus increasing the life of the label. Varnishes are heat-cured clear coating of transparent ink on surface of a label for protection and lustrous/matt look.