Self adhesive label construction. Self adhesive labels (otherwise known as pressure sensitive labels) are made by printing onto a construction of 3 layers. a release liner (otherwise known as the backing paper, carrier or glassine) a layer of adhesive. We can provide you best decorative labels for your product which  can be created using our Hot/Cold Foil, Embossing and Holograms technology.

Hot/Cold Foil

This is a special image-producing method in which a thin foil with label design is transferred on to the required surface. This results in an  eye-catching product and is the perfect enhancement i fyou want your product to appear exquisite.


Embossing is a condition where an image is pressed onto a material to create an image that is raised above the level of the material. It is also easy to detect any tampering of embossed labels, thus discouraging counterfeiting.


Holograms have unique optical properties that make them almost impossible  to replicate. They can be easily authenticated by customers and users.